Queen’s Man: Paaerta Hunt

by AnnaMarieAlt



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/07/2018

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781984538208
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781984538215

About the Book

Queen Rejeena and her partner, Aarvan, are besieged by powerful enemies who seek to oust them from power—or worse. Standing together, they strive to triumph over the attacks and end the culture of cruel bigotry on the island of Kriiscon. Rejeena’s unprecedented new laws create intense upheaval. The laws oppose centuries of tradition, nullifying practices women consider to be their right. Other queens are furious; the great queen, outraged. Aarvan invents his own problems. By interfering with the sport of a group of loose fellows who then turn their wrathful attention to him, he allows a huge mysterious creature to escape. The creature—possibly the mythical glaalet—repays the queen’s man by biting his arm to the bone, leaving Aarvan shocked and with a lasting scar. Meanwhile, to regain her control of the queen’s inner circle, Captain Shabet conspires to slay Aarvan. After several inexplicable assaults that occur against the man she loves, Rejeena begins to suffer serious, private doubts about her always-loyal captain. The great queen demands a staff-level paaerta hunt, and Rejeena must attend—an encounter to punish the young queen for her effrontery. Rejeena and Aarvan come face-to-face with top-hierarchy betrayal, deadly revenge, and an amoral demon determined to kill.

About the Author

AnnaMarieAlt enjoys a passion for writing romantic fantasy fiction, building otherworldly realms. Her two careers, the military followed by civil service, exposed her to varied cultures, races, religions, and beliefs stateside and abroad—England, Continental Europe, the Far East, the South, North, Southeast, Hawaii and Kentucky, where she now resides. This exposure granted her a rounded view of the world and a host of invaluable knowledge that she now brings to her fantasy creations. These experiences, earning a college degree, while surviving and supporting the Women’s Liberation Movement launched her understanding of herself as a woman and a writer. She writes to convey her myriad experiences, because she cannot not write—to share the legacy of a lifetime and accept that we are all human. AnnaMarie has written the Queen’s Man series, an adventurous, romantic fantasy, about the island of Kriiscon, where women rule and men are slaves. The series encompasses the struggle between a domineering but curse-haunted queen and a mysterious, audacious Mainland man, the twisted struggle between women and men for supremacy, culminating in the battle of star-crossed empires. Her words expose the ugly underbelly of the human race and illumine the power of virtue, while following the grinding agony of a culture in the throes of change. Life’s ambition: Fully grown, AnnaMarie wants to be just like Granny Clampett.