Queen’s Man: Discovery

by AnnaMarieAlt



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/11/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 284
ISBN : 9781984560995
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 284
ISBN : 9781984561008

About the Book

Queen Rejeena and her queen’s man Aarvan face ominous threats. The great queen of Kriiscon is dead. Rejeena’s mortal enemy and Aarvan’s carnal stalker, Queen Tabarana—an abomination, selfish, cruel, and manipulative—looms as the obvious successor. Rejeena and Aarvan must fashion a clever political maneuver to deny Tabarana this exalted, powerful position. Complicating their efforts, a flashflood forces a face-to-face meeting between Queen Rejeena and Jannsen of the Caana. Though avowed foes, they agree to discourse. Opposing views of Kriiscon, women ruling, and men slaves brought to light and laid bare, challenged and defended, sharp tongues replacing slicing steel. Treason compounds Rejeena’s problems. Did Shabet, Rejeena’s long-time friend and captain, reverse her loyalty? Captain Locin, Aarvan’s protector, conspires to reveal a definitive pointer to Shabet’s guilt. Which captain will the queen believe? If she doesn’t choose wisely, guiltless lives will be lost. Aarvan confronts his own disaster. A catastrophic event hurls him backward in memory where he will unearth lost truths and discover the origin of his inner beast. Will that savage monster support him as he faces new dangers or consume him, eradicating the honest, steadfast man he has become? Together, Rejeena and Aarvan must seek a path to save them and their island from devastation.

About the Author

AnnaMarieAlt enjoys a passion for writing romantic fantasy fiction, building otherworldly realms. Her two careers, the military followed by civil service, exposed her to varied cultures, races, religions, and beliefs stateside and abroad—England, Continental Europe, the Far East, the South, North, Southeast, Hawaii and Kentucky, where she now resides. This exposure granted her a rounded view of the world and a host of invaluable knowledge that she now brings to her fantasy creations. These experiences, earning a college degree, while surviving and supporting the Women’s Liberation Movement launched her understanding of herself as a woman and a writer. She writes to convey her myriad experiences, because she cannot not write—to share the legacy of a lifetime and accept that we are all human. AnnaMarie has written the Queen’s Man series, an adventurous, romantic fantasy, about the island of Kriiscon, where women rule and men are slaves. The series encompasses the struggle between a domineering but curse-haunted queen and a mysterious, audacious Mainland man, the twisted struggle between women and men for supremacy, culminating in the battle of star-crossed empires. Her words expose the ugly underbelly of the human race and illumine the power of virtue, while following the grinding agony of a culture in the throes of change. Life’s ambition: Fully grown, AnnaMarie wants to be just like Granny Clampett.