The Publishing Process

Self-publishing with Xlibris is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

Our team of publishing and marketing experts share your vision. We are here to support you in ticking off a bucket list item, reaching a life goal, and inspiring readers from all corners of the world. The process is not as daunting as it sounds, so let’s start!

How it works


The first step to your publishing journey with Xlibris is to speak with one of our publishing consultants. Our publishing consultants are experts in their field and have assisted many writers like you to become published authors. You will be in good hands, from the very beginning of the publishing path.

One essential thing that you must discuss with your publishing consultant is your list of goals. Share what your expectations are regarding submission, production, and promotion of your book. Because you are in a supported self-publishing path, you can choose what publishing package will suit your needs. Be sure to discuss any aspect of the package you pick with your publishing consultant and seek answers to any questions you may have.


This is an exciting part of our self-publishing journey! This is where you will submit your manuscript, photos, art, and other materials after purchasing your publishing package.

Your self-publishing team here at Xlibris will be on hand to make this step run smoothly for you. A representative will connect with you and discuss where and in what format to send your materials. While we do have guides on our website on the types and formats of materials that we accept, we will still be in touch to guide you properly.


After all materials are submitted, in proper format and file types, a design team will work with you to create the book cover and interior book design that you have envisioned.

Our design team are experienced artists and designers of global talent and expertise. Depending on the package you select, they will create a beautiful book cover that will shine on library shelves and bookstore display aisles. They will come up with interior pages that will propel the vision you have for your book much closer to reality.


Self-publishing with Xlibris gives you creative control over major aspects of your work. One of the crucial steps that you will take is participating in making sure that the book you imagined matches our team’s output.

In this stage, you comb over the layout and overall look of your book and relay changes or improvements that you want made. You will work with a publishing services associate on any last-minute refinement that you need done.


Whether on the book cover, interior pages, or any other part of your book, you will have creative control of the whole self-publishing process. Nothing will be sent to the printers without your approval! When the layout of your book is complete, with refinements made and improvements reflected, YOU will approve everything.

This is the last step of the Xlibris self-publishing process. From this point on, you can start counting the days until you can hold your book in your hands. You can start planning that book-launching party with your family and friends.

Since you chose the faster self-publishing path, you will have your book in no time, you will achieve your dream of becoming a published author sooner than you realize.

Your publishing consultant will explain each of these steps to you in more detail and answer any of your questions.
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Sylva Kelegian

"I would recommend Xlibris predominantly because they have hardcopies whereas a lot of self-published companies don't have hard copies. The product looks really good. A lot of self-published books look like self-published books, mine don't and the Xlibris books don’t because they're of a high quality and that to me was the most important thing."
Sylva Kelegian author of God Spelled Backwards.

Joseph Cronin

"I felt that Xlibris was the most well-known and trusted brand that I could find. I have to say that the Xlibris team has been extremely personable, extremely helpful. We have never missed a deadline. In fact we've gone the other way, we've been early on some things. I got a little surprised. 'Oh, that's ready already?' And I think all of the people that I have dealt with so far have really delivered on what I thought the brand would deliver."
Joseph Cronin author of Theory You.

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