Becoming The Thinker

Enter the Illuminati?

by Charles Munn



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/19/1999

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 99
ISBN : 9780738803920
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 99
ISBN : 9781469106151
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 99
ISBN : 9780738803937

About the Book

The title, Becoming The Thinker, is meant to be an ideal merging of one´s physical brain with what some consider to be intuition or instinct or inborn health, and what other´s may even consider to be god. Yet Becoming The Thinker does not promise that humankind, at least in this mutation, will ever fully merge with intuition/instinct/god? and see the entire whole truth of the universe.

How far You decide to take this process can only be Your choice. No one can look into your thoughts and know what limitations, intellectual or otherwise, you may have placed upon yourself or what is hardwired into Your brain.

(Please forgive me for the following wolf metaphor. I use it only in order to simplify what seems to be occuring in our current culture. (smile) From the little I know about Wolves, they don´t seem to be manipulative or deceitful.)

I suspect you will agree that we live in a racist or ethno-centristic world. Yet the extremely small hidden ruling class does not seem to be concerned with mundane thoughts such as skin color. Rather the ruling class seems to be more like wolves in the sense that a few are alpha types, but most others are not, yet all who choose to actually think rather than react from an imposed "training" can be thought of as people/wolves.

To belong to this ruling class wolf pack that is fast becoming the corporate world and the corporate media, as opposed to merely corporate America, etc., it only seems to matter that you develop a cutting edge personal honesty which does not necessarily extend to your fellow wolves and certainly not to the would be wolves who are in reality little more than people/sheep who remain in the trance of life.

In this sense, the people wolves are always the hidden ruling class who cause the media to aid in the "manufacture of consent" and impose that manufactured "truth" upon the people/sheep who in turn then "believe" it is themselves who run the world.

Those people/sheep still in the trance of life are not forced into being victims, they have merely been tricked into letting others do their thinking. People/sheep can also choose NOT to be mired in a myriad of unexamined beliefs (systems of thought ) which disconnects them from the clearer light.

They can choose to come out into the real light, find their personal honesty and begin to wisk away the centuries of cultural fog which keeps them locked in the trance of life. That is, sheep like humans can choose to become wolf like. However the irony is that most people/sheep are so deluded that they "believe" themselves to be "Wolves". Only you can examine your ingrained systems of thought (Ego) and decide where you fit into the scheme of things.

BECOMING THE THINKER is about a rediscovered ancient paradigm that is only now gaining momentum. The book shows how to reconnect with the unlimited power of your inner wisdom and mold the future to your own desires. Your awakened ability to control your own future amplifys your natural intuitive gifts.

Inborn intuition provides us with the fearless talent to recognize and analyze accurate information. That ability is intuitive free will and it is the real gift of the universe.

In 1991, after discovering an emerging and profound paradigm I wrote a series of essays designed to remind me how to stay connected to our  natural inner power. Wanting to add momentum to the paradigm I floated some of the essays on the net. I later put it all together in this self help book, Becoming The Thinker. In order to reach even more people I recently finished the novel, Paradise Now.

If you´re looking for a way to truly enhance your being and your future life, you´ve got the right book. I´ve spent much of my time being angry. However, my first seven years were serene because I was firmly in touch with my inner power. The connection was broken when I was forced to move in with my mother and the man who shared her world. During those yea

About the Author

The author has worked in electronics, on flight crew, logistics, illustrations and counseling. He has lived in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and on a sail boat in the gulf of Mexico.