Gravelings by Gerson

Mostly essays, some fiction and one large batch of Gersonisms

by Irving Gerson



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Publication Date : 2/28/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 341
ISBN : 9781401040284

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At Last, I Understand Why K-12 Teachers Stay In Their Low Paying Jobs

Life Is Not Fair: Sir Thomas Crapper How My Career Change From Company President to Unknown Writer Has Enriched My Life

If Monica Lewinsky Had Kept Her Mouth Shut Al Gore Would Be the 43rd President Of The United States

How Orville Redenbacher Popped Lies

Pleasures of An Octogenarian

A Most Valuable Book For Me: The Experts Speak: The Definitive Compendium of Authoritative Misinformation The Word On Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Heterosexuals

Let´s Do Whatever Is Necessary To Teach Every Child To Read Competently--NOW A Simple Sign That Baffles Me

My World War II Navy Years Improved My Life But Please, Please, Don´t Make Me Do It Again

The Little Old Lady of St. Maxime

Shame on You Arthur Miller For Denigrating One Hundred Million Salesmen

Thank You Barbasol For My Bargain Lift

Abolish The Death Penalty Right Now Before We Murder Another Innocent

Affirming The Right Of The Individual To Destroy Himself

How the Bean Counter and the Engineer Devoured the Marketing Man Thus Poisoning the Good Company

A Listeners Lament

Whatever Happened to the Name Irving?

Here Is $51 Million, But We Did Nothing Wrong

If You Are Something Like Me, You Can Find Work Happiness Servicing Advertising Clients

2001: My Call for the Henry Ford of the Computer Industry

Passavant And Wesley to Feinberg And Galter

Legalize Prostitution

Touch Typing: The Single Most Valuable Course In My 18 Years of Formal Education

Sicilian Close Shave

Mild Man Gerson Calls for All Out Consumer Revolt Against Car Dealers Free Advertising On Our Cars

Obesity Is Not All Bad No Two Fingerprints Alike: How Dumb Could I Be For 82 Years?

Why Many K-12 Teachers Are Lousy Conversationalists

A Most Valuable Book In My Life: Management and the Worker

Oxymoron: A Healthy Octogenarian

The Toaster Cover Maker

Hail to the Cane and Nitro Set


About the Author

About the Author Irving B. Gerson is an 82-year-old former marketing executive turned writer. This is his fifth published book. The others are: My Own Experiences of the Shipwreck (1945) Tomorrows Advertising Agency (1966) BE BIG SOMEWHERE and other Essays on Marketing (1977) The Secret Opinions of Irving B. Gerson (2001) His role model is Montaigne. His unpublished 4,000 page personal business history and other papers will be preserved in the John Hartman Special Collection for Sales, Advertising and Marketing at Duke University. His business career includes Gersons Jewelers, Young & Rubicam and Gerson, Howe & Johnson. He is a thrice-decorated Navy veteran, a Certified Gemologist, graduating from the Gemological Institute of America. He also has a BA from Michigan and an MBA from Harvard. Gerson lives in Chicago with his third wife, Corinne Siegel, a renowned educator.