Water Baptism and Spirit Baptism

As Taught in the Scriptures

by Ken Lenz



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/14/2017

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 400
ISBN : 9781543425970
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 400
ISBN : 9781543425956
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 400
ISBN : 9781543425963

About the Book

             This is a book that clearly and comprehensively covers the topics of both water baptism and Spirit baptism from a purely biblical perspective — rather than from a particular ecclesiastical, historical, or theological perspective.  Rather than using isolated Scripture verses in an effort to shore up a position, this book quotes and explains all passages that have a bearing on these two topics, allowing a position to form that is based solely on God’s Word.  Passages are considered within their broader literary context, and alternative interpretations are explored.

             This book is unique in offering the following:

1.  It gives a clear and comprehensive presentation of both water baptism and the baptism in the Spirit.  Other books deal with only one or the other topic, but rarely both — and in so doing, often confuse and confound these two kinds of baptisms.

2.  It offers an explanation of every Scripture passage that refers to either water baptism or Spirit baptism.  Other books use selected verses to support their position; this book however places the emphasis on the Scripture passages themselves.

3.  It includes both the literary context of surrounding verses and the cultural / historical context in which the texts were written, so as to better understand the intended meaning of each passage as a whole — and to avoid forcing a bias into the text.

4.  It also considers alternative viewpoints and interpretations of passages, so as to add to the comprehensive nature of this book.  Appendix chapters and extensive endnotes are also included for readers who want to further explore a related matter or text.

5.  It is organized and written on a level to be understood by lay people, yet includes scholarship that will stand up to critical analysis.

        Water baptism and the baptism in the Spirit are for all Christians.  Whether you are a lay person, minister, or teacher, this book is for you!


(For a clear and comprehensive understanding of another church ordinance, please see the author’s book entitled, Confession and Communion: As Taught in the Scriptures, available through Xlibris in print or as an e-book.)

About the Author

Dr. Kenneth P. Lenz has served for over twenty years in church ministries and as a chaplain.  He has also served on the religion faculty and Bible/theology faculty of several colleges.  Courses Ken has taught include “Understandings of Religion,” “History of Christian Thought,” and “New Testament Epistles,” among others.  His earned Ph.D. included an emphasis in Eastern Orthodox Church history and liturgy, and he excels in the area of hermeneutics (biblical interpretation).  Ken and his loving wife, Helen, have three grown children: Carrie, Evan, and Bryce.