The Unknown

A Taste of the Dead

by Castello Gilbert



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/1/2020

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781664144842
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781664144835
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781664144828

About the Book

The unknown is about a boy that witness death, at an early age. He finds himself in a coma; while in his coma, he remembers the episodes of death not only in his life but his wife. While he makes his way through life he realizes a vaccine for those who were dead coming back alive. It’s a three dimensional story. When reading the unknown you’re going to get bits and pieces of ideas that amount to someone having to adapt to the vaccine given; it was blood. In the story the main character I play the role of thalamus he’s the one in the coma, the story begins with him witnessing death, the story lines happen with these characters playing the roles of the angel of death Savanna Samantha Tony Gabriel and Daniela; these were people that were living at one time that have now passed, but still allowing the conscious mind to play out its life, and the thoughts of friends with the main character remembering I realize my life and how it was being aimed.

About the Author

Castello Gilbert I guys thanks for allowing me to share some of the adventures of the mind. It brings me great pleasure to tell some of the rhetoric nonfiction to fiction events taken place, with stories like. The wait or Dying to live; they were all just the beginning Mercury kind of put the icing on the cake. In this one particular book The Unknown I went by the name Thalamus; the name thalamus deals with a certain part of the brains that allows the conscious mind to be visual. I found great pleasure being an author; with each accomplishment I strive to do better capturing the essence of storytelling. By doing so, the use of figures of speech and a compositional writing gave me the opportunity to explore my mind. It would one day allow you to discover the person we hold so dearly, by demonstrate the uncertainties in the things we feel. My experiences were based off of a certain criteria, in each troubled relationship notated as a fable being conducted, as self awareness notated by being able to talk, for each portraits of my life. It was as if the adjustment was being tied to an umbilical cord, each love that did not seem to be enough. My books were mostly clothes that kept me up, giving you its documentation of my soul, like a triangle being a noble prize base off of the truth not being characterized; like a model off of his or her stature I decide to write. Compared to anyone else that decide they wanted some type of steps to follow I categorize by putting myself in this novel. In this book (the unknown) it became more of vision than a story being told; not just about me, but the life I chose to live. To see it as someone that did not know their own expectation to have or to set forth to hear the truth, it would have only allowed me to manage the things I wanted to do. I guess it was my most precious thoughts holding my heart dear to you; with that. It left the unknown as something heavily waited on. It made me look in at my life as being someone, or somewhat of working art. I was being looked at as the momentum and how driven I was, to accomplish a story, leaving each one of my book I decide just to give you a brief introduction on the things it took. It became more of a pessimistic idea. So many expectations of love, and death in the things you do I guess it was something I wanted you to choose. In this one particular book; in all I had to let someone in on all of my mysteries, the haunted feeling of sleeping all alone and hearing the conscious think on its own. It wasn’t something for me to fight; a feeling living on the inside not knowing your own mind; one day I said, you’re going to discover the truth in the things they use to get inside of you, fighting the divine portraying the ideas of who we are as humankind. I left the unknown to be defined; by your own thoughts and mines.

Welcome to the unknown the mind of no one but someone I brought home.