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Rockies Autumn Haiku

poems & photographs
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Rockies Autumn Haiku, by poet and neuroscientist Judith Lauter, provides a photographic and poetic account of three fall months in several locations in the southern Rocky Mountains. When you think of the Rockies, with their towering peaks, immense vistas, and deep snows, you might think that only an "epic" poem could do them justice – something on the scale of a Homer or Milton perhaps. The highly condensed, snapshot-like haiku might be the last poetic form imaginable to capture their glory. And yet Rockies Autumn Haiku clearly proves that even the majestic Rockies can be memorably rendered in poetry of brevity, wit, keen observation, and vivid imagery. Here is a mountain autumn, then, seen in unforgettable micro-scale – viewed through the double prism of fresh poems and striking color photographs.

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