by Marian Olivia Heath Griffin



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Language : English
Publication Date : 18/12/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781796079180

About the Book

IT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED that African Americans have been and are still being subjected to marginalized and harsh treatment today in America. We came to the Americas a million years ago and helped build this wilderness country. It is incumbent upon us as a nation to come to grips with the humanness of all people and treat each other with respect and love, acknowledging each other’s skills, talents and achievements. We are a strong nation of people. Let’s not allow the weak, racial prejudicial side of us to rule us. We can only move forward if we have a collective truthful and faithful heart. There is something inherent in all of us that should not be stifled or extinguished. We are all put on earth for a specific purpose. All generations should be given an opportunity to be what we can be as our Creator ordained it.

About the Author

Marian heath griffin was dubbed as a ‘come here’ person when she first came to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband, Bertrand griffin. She served as a licensed professional counselor and student administrator at southern university for thirty-six years, the last seven years she served as director of international student services. After retiring from S.U. she decided to use her master’s degree in mass communications and journalism and her god given talent to write her family stories and people’s history. She also delved into photography as a hobby and took several courses in photography. She has taken thousands of pictures around the world. Griffin graduated from Delaware state university with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology, a master’s degree in social work at Atlanta University, a master’s program from the interdenominational theological center in Atlanta, Georgia, a master’s degree from the New Orleans Baptist theological seminary. She did further study at Louisiana state university and northwestern university in Evanston, Illinois. Griffin has worked with all age levels, children, youth and adults most of her career and has organized cherubim choirs for several churches, including St. Mark cherubim choir that she organized forty- eight years ago. She still plays for this choir and is proud of her choir members past and present. Griffin established a ninety-plus group of senior citizens at her church, St. Mark united Methodist church, and has programs for and with them. Of the eleven members, six are over one hundred years old. Griffin enjoys traveling with her husband, Bertrand, Sr. and family, having seen all fifty states of america, and six of the seven continents. She is the mother of Bertrand, ii, (Kotosha), Karen (Keith Phenix, who edits her books), and Michael (Tracie.) Her eight adorable grandchildren are Nia, Kiara, Christian-Paris, Michael, II, Ameliagrai, Victoria, Olivia and Sophia. She has two grand-god children, Amelia and warren pleasant, and two great nieces, Whitney cannon heath and Amoree (Griffin) sanders as well as a great grandchild, Kieomi Phenix. Her sister, Nancy heath Kellam and her brother-in-law, albert Kellam are also her travel buddies and have always gone along for the ride or the flight.